Relax & Renew

This was the first time I’ve actually enjoyed yoga nidra.

I really enjoyed the relaxation to help open my mind & relax my body.

I’m not a regular journaler, but I really enjoyed that and of course the relaxation.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. It helps me very much.

I am grateful for this introduction to an excellent yoga teacher.

I have become very relaxed. I enjoyed it.

It was a relaxing/restorative evening. Thank you!

Relax -holding poses was new to me- quite refreshing and helps me to stop and feel the stretch. Perfect!

I like to understand the benefits of poses – twists, detox, inversions, breathing. I love that you include that.

This feels so good. Thank you.

I am grateful to have found you Nicole. Your voice is very calming and you’re doing a great job! Keep it up!

Thank you so much for doing this.

Thanks Nicole, this was a wonderful evening.

Very Relaxing – Thanks!

Peaceful. Relaxing.

Love all your classes!

Fall Retreat
Benefits received:
More flexibility
Time for myself
Great Day
Great Yoga
Great People
Great Space

I was really comfortable with yoga nidra this time. It feels great to feel like it’s making a difference.

Meeting new people & just taking a day to relax and not worry about anything else ie housework.

Great job, you rock!

Comradeship. Relaxation.

Getting back in touch with my awareness, stress release

Had a blast!

All I can say is – much needed!

Lovely collaboration Nicole + Zabrina. Thanks for offering us such a beautiful venue.

I feel more relaxed and my body does not feel as tense.

This was amazing.
I will be attending yoga now because of it. Everything was done thoughtfully and it was just perfect.

Important time away from usual routine + space
Reflection time
The healing benefits of nature
Connecting with like-minded peeps
Meeting new peeps
Time with peeps – to get to know better

As a new mom who has spent much of the last two months caring only for my baby, today was a great day to care for myself! Much needed.

Thank you! It was wonderful!

Mental awareness.
Peace of mind + body

Enjoyed company of all those that attended.

Amazing day!


Love music, enjoy the class as whole

Love coming, love learning

Feel really good by the time I get home. 10/10 thanks Nicole 

The part of class you particularly like:
Stretches, readings

Enjoy it all

All of it