Solstice: A Women’s Gathering

Nurturing your inner sparkI created this event because I know that daily demands of life can wear the strongest spirit thin.That this is a special time of year and light and love shines brightest from a lantern full of oil.That the cold days of winter and the long dark nights can be trying.But that the night is darkest, just before the dawn.If you are a woman who longs for spiritual connection, growth, inner peace and healing this event is for you. You knows your soul is speaking to you and you longs for time and space to drop in and really listen.I love the connection I’ve created to my Higher Self. I connect to Her every single day. It fills me up and it energizes me.I am inviting you to come and experience that with me.If you find yourself just surviving the day, uninspired, lethargic, apathetic you need to take care of yourself. You need to fill your cup so your inner spark grows into a dancing flame.You deserve to feel hope return. To be swimming in gratitude for all the blessings and gifts in your life. To be excited about the holidays and the new year. To be on fire for your life, your family, your work, your passions and your dreams.It is my intention in creating this event that you-Connect deeply to your Higher Self, your inner fire and spark. That place deep in your heart where all your dreams and desires live.-Connect deeply with each other. Each woman is met with kindness, love, support and respect. That you feel welcome and is able to let the mask drop and express your authentic self.-Let go of burdens that are weighing you down. You carry so many things that are truly not yours. Like the expectations of others, limiting beliefs, shame, fear. Even physical things like a job or relationship, excess weight or a draining commitment. You let it go by honouring yourself without guilt.-Own your dreams and desires without apology or guilt. I firmly believe that you inherently know the things that will give you fulfillment, peace and that will feed your inner fire. You deserve those things.-Leave the event refreshed and revitalized. Confident in yourself and the upcoming year. Feeling empowered in your life and excited for what is to come.Some of the things we will do:-Guided journaling practices
-Fluid, juicy yoga
-Guided meditations and visualizations
-Releasing ritual
-Receiving ritual with wishing leaves
-Feasting on delicious, nourishing foods
-Sacred circles and Sharing Circles
-Wreath making for what we wish to receive
-Candle making – for what we want to release, intend to receive and special candle of your choosingSome things you should know:The event will run from 12pm December 21 to 11am December 22 in Bear River, NS.Snacks, supper and breakfast are included.Breaks will occur throughout the event. This is time for integration and rest.An order of events will be provided to participants but this is not a schedule. I want the freedom to allow events and activities to unfold in their own time. Very few items will occur at specific times.The actual solstice is at 12.19am on December 22. The evening program includes observing the solstice.The morning program begins at 6.30am with fruit, coffee and tea before an optional yoga practice begins at 7.00am. Breakfast will be served shortly after 8am.-Digital detox – Deep connection to your inner self by limiting distractions and mindless pursuits that drain your energy and awareness. Cell service is limited and WIFI will be turned on during breaks. There is a landline.-Bring clothing appropriate for:
Creative activities that can get messy
Warm clothing – there are opportunities to spend time outside
Clothing for the feast (whatever you like, I will be dressing up)-Candle making and wreath making
You have the opportunity to bring special items to decorate your wreath with and put in your candles. These items have special meaning to you. You are welcome to bring items to share or just for yourself.-Yoga gear if you have it. I have extras if you don’t. ;)-Your favourite journal and pen.-Your own drum-Any special spiritual items to you-Space is limited to 12 attendees.
-6 overnight spaces at $137
-6 daytime spaces at $117Special offer with discounts of the above mentioned prices for those who serve or barter goods during the retreat. There are two spaces available for this offer. Those who are interested must reach out for details.Specific skills/goods requested:
-Kitchen work
-Set-up/tear down
-Supplies – food, crafts, etc.