My Yoga Morning

I am definitely a morning person.

It’s not something I came by naturally but something I chose to become.

It started with me hating the morning rush to get to work. I realized it was easier for me to get the important things done early in the day rather than after work.

In the morning, I meditate, journal, practice yoga and write.

It’s partly a self-care routine. It’s a container for personal growth. It’s a mega habit stacking tool. It’s the cornerstone for me showing up fully in my life.

I’m offering it to you.

I am running a 10 day free My Yoga Morning program.

We start December 16 and run until December 25.

I’ll be offering 5-10 minute morning meditations, gentle movement and stretching and journaling practices. I’ll focus on themes like gratitude, inspiration and growth. There will even be the opportunity to make requests on content and practices.

If you are interested, send me an email or contact me through social media.

I’ll send you the details.