Mindfulness: Add Meaning to Your Life

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Nothing outside of us can permanently give us fulfillment. I will say that again, NOTHING outside of is can permanently give us fulfillment. Cultivating fulfillment is an inside job. It is something that you learn how to do and it becomes a way of life.

If you spend your days ruminating over the past or longing for a future reality, you are wasting your life. It is important to reflect on what has happened in your life and to dream about your future, but to live in a place where you always want to be somewhere you aren’t is the surest way to be unhappy.

The truth is that our lives are made up of millions of billions of mundane, ordinary moments and lesser spectacular, exciting, engaging ones. The spectacular ones are major memories or accomplishments or milestones. They are truly important and should be celebrated. What do you do with the time and the life that happens in between those special moments. For example, what do you do with your Monday to Friday while waiting for the weekend to roll around again? Do you loathe it? Do you resist it? Do you count down the days until it is the weekend again?

What if you could learn to love the Monday to Friday as much as you love your weekend? What if you could make peace with the parts of your life that give you grief? Your eating habits? Obsessively checking your cell phone? Dealing with clients?

Mindfulness is a judgement free means of observing yourself. This includes your thoughts, feelings, emotions and physical body. Mindfulness teaches you how to detach from the constant chatter of your mind. It helps you to observe and assess the thoughts that you think and brings you to a place where you can evaluate the truthfulness and validity of your thoughts.

It is really what we think about the events and circumstances of our lives that shapes our experience. It is the value judgement we assign of either ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ that determines how we feel about our lives. The fastest way to lasting contentment and fulfillment is to make peace with your life as it is right now. Resisting and rejecting the reality of your life is a sure way to perpetuate discontentment and to keep you stuck.

On September 16, 2018 I am offering a Mindfulness workshop at the Digby Pines Hotel. It runs from 9am-1pm and the cost is $75. It includes a snack and a meal. This workshop is designed to give you the tools you need to add mindfulness to your life.
We will focus on learning:

-To become comfortable with stillness and silence – avoiding the tendency to turn to your phone every chance you get
-How to do a body scan – grounding yourself in your body and learning to listen to the subtler cues and messages your body gives to you
-To use your breath to access a calm, peaceful state of mind – helping you to speak, act and live from a more peaceful and centered in anxious moments
-To slow down and enjoy the food and beverages you are consuming – helping you to savour the food you are eating and gauge hunger and fullness more easily.

The day will include:
A gentle yoga practice
Mindfulness exercises
Mindful eating exercises
A mindful walk
Outdoor group meditation

Contact me with any questions through my facebook page:www.facebook.com/yogawithnicole.o or call 902-245-7724 to register.

Get your registration form: Registration Mindfulness Pines September 2018


Saturday – September 15, 2018

6.30-8.00pm – Optional mixer in Churchill’s Lounge at Digby Pines – cash bar and restaurant menu

Sunday – September 16, 2018

Day begins at 9.00am sharp
Body Scan
Mindful eating snack
Outdoor mindfulness walk (less than 1 km, very easy stroll)
Mindful eating lunch
Debrief and evaluations