Metamorphosis: Mindful transformation

Metamorphosis: Mindful Transformation

6 weeks of mindful transformation – naturally, easily and soulfully


Are you wrapped up in a busy, frantic life?

Do you feel like you are just surviving day to day and dreaming of a life where you thrive?

Does the way you live your life feel completely disconnected from your values and dreams and desires?

Have you felt hopeless to bring lasting change into your life?

Do you long for a pathway to transformation that is paved with love and ease? Self-acceptance and kindness?

Do you long for inner peace? Connection to your inner self?

Do you want to trust your intuition to guide you through life?

Have attempts at bringing positive change into your life left you frustrated, disappointed and feeling like a failure?

I HAVE BEEN THERE! I can’t tell you how may years I’ve spent trying to change, trying to establish lasting, positive change in my life.

I longed for inner peace. I longed to be on the other side of my dreams. I longed for a way that didn’t feel like forcing or struggle. I saw all these other people succeeding where I kept failing. I would look at their successes and try to adopt their methods. I’d have varying levels of success but never manage to find endpoint, where I could embody the characteristics, the habits, the lifestyle I so fervently sought.

I blamed past habits and circumstances. I blamed my mental health. I’d look at other people and pick out the advantages they had.

I’d say “I don’t have enough time/money/experience/support/knowledge.”Whatever. Fill in the blank.

I kept looking outside myself for a solution. I kept steeling myself against the challenges, resistance and obstacles that I knew would come up. I’d last for a while but it was always hard, always so much effort, such an uphill climb.

After climbing deep into mindfulness, self-love and self-acceptance, I finally figured it out.


When we see metamorphosis in nature, it’s natural. It’s instinctual. It’s not forced.

The acorn doesn’t become oak tree because it hates being an acorn. It becomes an oak because that’s what was within it to do.

Tadpoles don’t become frogs because they aren’t enough as tadpoles. It becomes a frog because that’s it’s next level.

The caterpillar doesn’t long to become a butterfly because it’s flawed as a caterpillar. It becomes a butterfly that’s what it was meant to be.

None of these creatures fight or struggle against their true nature to transform. They follow their instincts, their intuition, their creative drive to take the right steps to complete their metaorphosis.

It was through my study of san kalpa and yoga nidra that led me to understand this change. Every time I had tried to change before it had come from a place of “I’m not good enough the way I am. I’m messed up. Damaged goods. I have to act against my nature, my instincts, my intuition because clearly I can’t get there on my own.”

I took myself through a process of transformation through observing myself, my thoughts and behaviors. I connected with my heart, my soul, my inner self to guide me. I stopped making decisions out of fear or to avoid a bad outcome. I let love, excitement, expansion guide me. I refused to believe that forcing, fighting and struggling my way to a solution would get me to a place I wanted to go, to a lifestyle I wanted to live.

I knew the path had to lie through me instead of in spite of me.

I have become my own greatest teacher. Being the loving, non-judgmental observer of my thoughts showed me the way. I am honoured to share this with you.

In this course, I will teach you:
-Tools to observe your thoughts, evaluate them and upgrade them when necessary
-How to do a body scan and receive deeper messages from your body (kind of like ‘I’m hungry’ or ‘I need a nap’ but deeper)
-How to connect with your intuition when you need to make a decision or take a next step
-How to increase your confidence, your self-love and acceptance and your zest for life
-How to build a mindful lifestyle, so it becomes natural
-How to use mindfulness to choose how you want to show up in life and create the kind of life you want to live
-How to create natural, flowing, permanent transformation
-How to fall in love with what you struggle with
-How to nip anxious or depressive thoughts in the bud and replace them with an open, easy, excited and happy mood and frame of mind

This course is good for:
-Integrating mindfulness into your life
-Establishing positive lifestyle change – regular yoga or exercise routine, meditation practice
-Break the hold of harmful habits like binge eating, smoking, nail biting, saving money or decreasing debt
-Living your priorities, values, goals and desires

Course format:
It is a 6 week program. This is primarily a self-study. I will be providing:
-A mindfulness foundation
-Weekly meditations

-Weekly lessons
-Weekly inner work and journal exercises (3-4 which can be repeated as necessary)
-Practical mindfulness exercises
-Tools to observe, evaluate and upgrade thoughts and beliefs
-Facebook community where I will be adding weekly content, lessons, meditations, inner work, etc. This will be a place where you can support others, get support and clarity from me, ask questions, get help with any obstacles or problems you are encountering

VIP bonus: 100 minutes of 1:1 coaching (phone, skype, in person), must be scheduled in advance, can be broken up into any length of time (minimum 15 minutes)

I will be adding content each week but know that you can work through at your own pace. You will have lifetime membership to the facebook group.

These are the modules:
1. Mindfulness
-foundation in mindfulness
-practical mindfulness exercises- mindful eating, movement, working/living
-Mindfulness meditation

2. Releasing judgement
-watching thoughts
-evaluating + countering + adjusting thoughts and beliefs
-Choosing meditation

3. Physical connection
-watching bodily reactions and responses to thoughts/stimuli
-releasing physical tension
-releasing judgment around pain,wellness, physical body
-Gratitude meditation

4. Transformation
-change vs transformation
-choosing beliefs
-journaling what is now true
-building up mental + emotional state
-normals/energetic minimums
-Worthiness meditation

5. Confidence
-countering resistance in ourselves
-countering resistance in others
-living as though it’s already true
-living from transformed self
-emotional resilience
-Safe To Be Me meditation

6. Dedication
-embody the transformed you
-embrace your new normals
-be responsible for your energy, beliefs, interaction
-Transformation paradox -> 100% committed, 100% detached
-Resilience meditation

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Start date: September 17, 2018

Standard pricing:
Pay in full: $147
Payment plan: $55 due September 16, October 1 and October 15

VIP bonus pricing
Pay in full: $247
Payment plan: $90 due September 16, October 1 and October 15

Reach out to me with any questions!I love to hear from you. ❤

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Nicole Oliver is a yoga and mindfulness teacher. A lifelong reader, she turned to journaling when she was about 12 years old, to record and process her life. It became her primary method of dealing with depression as a teenager and young woman. She would console her aching heart and coach herself through the tough days.

Through teaching yoga she realized she had a gift for guiding and teaching others. She saw her ability to cut through limiting beliefs and offer inspiring and empowering alternatives was unique and desperately needed by those around her.

Her soul work is to support, guide and enable others into lives, bodies, schedules, incomes, jobs, homes, wardrobes and relationships that they love.