Feed Your Soul

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Feed Your Soul – Beach • Yoga • Art

This retreat is a partnership with Tiffany Barrett of Creatiff Productions.

This is an event for women like you.
Kind-hearted women.
Soulful women.
Giving women.

We don’t take nearly enough time to take care of our heart, our soul, our body, our creativity. We give so much, do so much, handle so much. Not with resentment or complaining. We have important commitments in our lives.

In order to be at our best, we need to take time out for ourselves. We have all heard that you can’t pour from an empty cup. I can say from personal experience that when that cup is empty, there is a lot frustration and heartache.

The beach.

These are ways that I say ‘yes’ to myself. These are ways I take care of me. These are ways that I let go of my responsibilities and my ‘to dos’ and connect with myself. These are the ways I cultivate creativity in my life.

Won’t you do that for yourself?


Feed Your Soul is an opportunity for you to take care of you. We’ve got yoga which is a way to bring you back to yourself, your physical, spiritual and emotional body. It’s also a healing and restorative practice to bring us all into a space of nurturing and supporting ourselves and one another.

We have a guided painting exercise, led by Tiffany to recreate one of my favourite pieces in her signature style.  It’s a beachy coloured floral painting to provide you with an opportunity to explore your creative side, to express yourself through painting and also to give you a lovely memory of our day together.


Then we’ll have time for a beach wander. We’ve slated a good hour and a half to be on the beach. We’ll spend some time together at the beginning and end. There will be plenty of time to explore, take pictures, collect rocks, beach glass and mementos, and connect with other participants or be silent.

During the beach wander, if you are looking to delve deeply into the importance of creativity and how to cultivate more of it in your own life, you can spend that time with Nicole exploring your creative potential, you as a creative person and troubleshoot obstacles in your own life when it comes to being creative.

Lunch, sangria and snacks are provided.
Date: September 30, 2018
Smiths Cove, NS
Cost: $75
Remaining spaces: 8

Please return your registration form to Nicole.

Contact me with any questions!