2020 class line up!

In 2020, I am adding a variety of new classes.

Class names and descriptions are below.Classes will begin January 6, 2020. The final schedule will be released in the coming weeks.

Yoga can:

improve digestion

improve sleep

build strength

reduce muscle soreness

prevent injury

increase flexibility and range of motion

improve balance

reduce stress

improve focus

cultivate mental discipline

increase general sense of well being

Yoga for Regular People is the class for the average person. No experience is necessary.

This class is paced for beginners with clear instruction to ensure postures are done safely.

Chair Yoga uses a chair as a prop for executing postures. Some postures are done seated and some standing with the chair for balance.

This makes yoga accessible when injury or health issues prevent you from getting down on the floor.

Power Half Hour is a class which focuses on powerful movements and isometric strengthening. Often fast-paced to increase heart rate and warm up muscles quickly.

Prerequisite: Intermediate knowledge of yoga required. Students should be able to move into common postures with minimal instruction and be able to modify most postures when necessary.

Slow & Deep is the old standby. A quiet class that focuses on stretching, longer holds and cultivating inner peace.

Meditation & Breath Work is a 30 minute class that steps away from physical postures. It focuses on conscious breathing and mental clarity. No experience required.

Mid Week Stretch is a 30 minute class designed to loosen tight muscles. Habitual movements, poor posture and every day activities can result in tightened muscles. This class will help you to feel loose and limber.

Parent & Baby Yoga is a relaxed class for parents and their bubs! Playful postures that you can do with your baby or that your little one might try to imitate on their own.

This class is for immobile infants up to those able to crawl.

Pre requisite: Parents who have given birth must be medically cleared by a physician to engage in regular exercise.

Tentative schedule for 2020

Chair yoga 11.00am-12.00pm
Meditation & Breath Work 12.20-12.50pm
Power Half Hour Yoga 12.10-12.40pm

Breathwork and Meditation 5.30-6.00pm
Slow and Deep Mat class 6.30-7.30pm
Parent and Baby 11.00am-12.00pm
Mid week stretch 12.20-12.50pm
Yoga for Regular People
Power Half Hour Yoga
Power Half Hour Yoga