Red Skies

Growing up in a fishing town, in a family of harvesters the saying ‘Red skies at morning, sailors take warning’ always had real meaning for me.
I love the red skies at dawn but certainly respect the water and the risks that are taken to bring in our favourite seafood.
Lately this saying has taken on another meaning. This past week, I’ve been facing stressors and challenges that in the past have sent me into a tailspin. I do have moments of fear and panic but I keep coming back to how I want to show up.
I don’t have to quake in the face of a storm. I don’t have to give time or energy to the fear and the frenzied energy it brings. I can face the storm and be completely untouched, be completely calm. I can even choose joy and enthusiasm. .
This largely comes from my belief that I am unlimited. Nothing, aside from death, can destroy me or take me out. I can come back from any disaster or mishap. It may not be quick or easy but I sure as hell can come back.
I have unshakeable faith in myself. I know I have my own back. I trust myself to get through unscathed.
With that as my mentality, what is there to fear? What is there to panic about? What storm exists that I cannot survive?
This self-confidence and emotional resilience has been a huge part of my personal metamorphosis. It’s an integrated part of what I believe to be true about the world, about myself and how I get to experience the world. It all comes down to choice.
I’m human. I still have moments where the fear creeps in and I find myself giving in to the panic. Then I remember that is now how I want to show up, I remember my truth and I bring myself back to peace and calm and confidence. That’s not a failure. That is the process. That is the victory. That is the practise.
The same is possible for you my friend. I cover this in my new course, Metamorphosis: Mindful Transformation. All the details are on my website (link in bio). The course officially opens September 17.
I love you.
I believe in you.
You’ve got this!

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