Show up for your life

This is your life. Are you showing up?
For many of us showing up doesn’t come easily or naturally. We dream about what we want and in inspired moments we make the commitment to exercise every day, to throw out a pack of cigarettes, to write every day.
We know what we want out of life. We know what to do. Everything goes great for a while but something happens to disrupt your plans.
The kids get sick, you stay up half the night with them and when your 5.30am alarm goes off to get up and work out, you hit snooze because you’re too tired.
You get handed a really stressful project at work. You get a call about a negative medical result for a test you recently had and the car breaks down. The stress is so much – too much – you tell yourself and you buy a pack of smokes.
You show up for two weeks writing every day. Publishing posts, it’s flowing easily, naturally, effortlessly. Then you wake up one day and you don’t have any idea what you will write. You put it off all day, worrying, wracking your brain for an idea. Nothing comes and you don’t write that day. Or the next. Or the next.
You feel like you failed. You wonder why your motivation doesn’t last. You know you can stick to your goals but it doesn’t last. You don’t understand why you can’t keep at it.
The secret is not in fulfilling your commitments perfectly without missing a single one. The secret is to show up after you miss a day or two or 10 or 200. The secret is to show up despite of the bad news, the stress, upheaval in your life. The secret is getting back on track as soon as you can, no matter how many times things go off the rails. .
Success lies is consistently showing up. If it’s not a habit you already have, then give yourself a little grace and realize you don’t go from uncommitted to 100% committed all the time, every day, no matter what. At least most people don’t. (It’s possible though.)
In my experience, my number one reason for not showing up is the stories I tell myself about why it’s too hard, why I’m not as far as long as that person I admire, why I’m not good enough, why I’m just not ready.
They’re all just stories that will grow bigger and stronger if you continue to feed them. They will weaken and diminish if you question them and consider another way.
My best tool for identifying stories is self-observation. I have the ability to notice when I am caught up in a story, in a fear, in a limiting belief. I am the watcher of my thoughts. I am able to acknowledge them without judgement, decide if they serve me or not and choose how I want to think/believe/act. You can too.
I am developing a 6 week mindfulness course to teach you how to practice mindfulness in your daily life. It will teach you to observe your thoughts without judgement, to clear the beliefs and thoughts that hold you back and how to choose empowering and liberating thoughts and beliefs instead. I’ve been doing this for years. It has helped me to 1. Heal my relationship with exercise
2. Overcome binge and emotional eating
3. Become a certified yoga instructor
4. Offer awesome, sold out special events
5. Have the guts to share my truth and my message online
6. Intentionally go after my ideal life and take daily action to live it more and more each day
7. Write my first ebook
8. To show up daily for what is important for me
9. To learn to trust my gut, my instincts
10. To move more and more into integrity each day
11. To live with ease and grace and flow
12. To live with confidence in myself, my dreams, my desires

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