Mindfulness doesn’t

Mindfulness doesn’t make your life all sunshine and roses. It doesn’t take away your stress and have you floating around on a pink cloud, eating chocolates and without a care in the world. .

Mindfulness is a tool that helps you to understand that there are no good days or bad days. Mindfulness teaches you to be present for every situation you encounter and understand that you are the one who decides if it is good or bad, calm or stressful, a tsunami or just another wave in the ocean. .

It brings a pause into your life to allow you to choose your thoughts, beliefs and reactions.

Very few of your thoughts are facts. The vast majority are perspective and perception. .

Mindfulness is a tool to observe yourself and choose your reality. In a way, it’s an opportunity to choose your own adventure. .

We are each the main character in the movie of our lives. .

What many people don’t realize is that you are also the director, the producer and the screenwriter. .

What kind of character do you play?

What kind of movie are you in?

What kind of story are you writing? .

I’m in the process of fleshing out a 6 week mindfulness course that teaches you :
-how to be the hero(ine) of your story,
-to show up as the best version of you
-to write the script, screenplay and outline of the story of your life. .

Drop me an emoji if this interests you. Always message me with questions!

I love you.
I believe in you.
You’ve got this.

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