Channel Lake Loop

We hiked the Channel Lake Loop over two days and stayed at site 6 overnight. We hiked 24km in total and my pack weighed in at 27.8lbs when we left. You can watch the live stream I recorded last night which goes into more details about the trip and some of my gear.
Weekends like this are part of my ideal life. Spending time in the woods, going in adventures and physically challenging myself are important to me.
Almost two years ago I remember being in a co-worker’s office saying how I wanted to spend more time in the woods. At that point in my life, it was all just talk. I was overcommitted and I had no time for something like a day in the woods.
Fast forward about 6 months and I was burnt out. I had been pouring my time, energy and resources into good, important projects but they weren’t things I was passionate about and I had too much on my plate. Until that point, I had been too afraid to upset other people by reducing my commitments than I was willing to make my needs, desires and dreams a priority.
I had a choice, to continue to worry about what other people would think, disappoint a few and continue to believe that the projects would fail without me in place. Or I could decide to put what was in my heart first and make time for what really mattered to me and trust I could survive whatever happened of I stepped away
from the projects that didn’t serve me.
Now, being in the woods is a priority that I do more than just talk about. I get to go on adventures and do the things that other people don’t do. I continue to say yes to myself and I am amazed and humbled and grateful for what unfolds. Each day, I live more and more of my ideal life.
You can too! You can choose yourself, your dreams, your priorities. The biggest step is just decidingto start.
If this resonated with you and you’d like to hear more of my insights and guidance, message me about joining my free facebook community, Empowered and Liberated. I coach, support you through change and take a deep dive on various obstacles and road blocks to help you move past them.
I love you.
I believe in you.
You’ve got this!

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