What could go right?

What are you afraid of happening?
Fear of judgement?
Fear of failure?
Fear of being wrong?
Making a mistake?
The truth is that people are going to judge you no matter what you do. It is honestly unbelievable what some people will take as offensive.
Guess what? That has EVERYTHING to do with them and NOTHING to do with you.
It’s what scares them.
It’s what offends them.
It’s what their experience has been in life.
It doesn’t make that true for you.
Name your fears.
Get to know the Big Bad Wolf that’s in your head.
Ask yourself is this fear ultimately true? It is inherently valid? Does it always work out this one in every single case? .
Sometimes your fear is valid and your respect your ability to asses risk well.
A lot of the time, your fear is unfounded. It’s based on what you’ve been taught to believe by well meaning people, by yourself. It’s based on keeping you safe, preventing loss and protecting yourself.
By knowing your fears around what you want in life, you can accurately and truthfully assess them. You can weigh the costs in your life.
When those fears come up, questions them.
Then Ask yourself: If everything went right, how would things work out?
Don’t be afraid to go with your gut answer.
Trust what excites you.
Trust what feels like growth and expansion.
Trust your judgement over the judgement of others.
I believe in you.
I love you.
You got this!

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