Jersey girl

Lazy Sunday morning with my golden girl. She is an old lady, a far cry from the puppy she was when we met 10 years ago.
I am grateful I made it a priority months ago to enjoy my first cup of coffee, sitting outside on my doorstep distraction free. I shared many of those mornings with her and my other pets.
Initially that decision was about me. I wanted an unrushed, peaceful, intentional morning. I’ve gotten so many memories with her. Wonderful moments with her. I’m so grateful that I’ve had a summer full (and maybe a fall too) to spend quiet moments with her.
It’s a huge gift of choosing how I want to live and show up in my life. We suspected early this spring that this would be her last summer. I’ve done my best to make it a good one. In this past week, it’s feeling like the end is very near.
I’m grateful that I decided to slow down, be present in my life and live the life I want to live, how I want to live it NOW.
I don’t know how many times I came back to that truth in my journal. How many times I had to stick up for myself in honoring that. I am so grateful for that.
Your life is right now. Are you truly living the way you want to live? Are there things you want that you are putting on hold? .
Stop doing that.
This is the performance.
There is no dream rehearsal.
This is real life and you only get one.
So stop waiting for anything to happen to do what you want to do and be who you want to be.
The time is now.
If you want a little support or guidance in that process, check out my free ebook, Write Your Reality – link is in my bio. Join my free Facebook group – Empowered and Liberated – Mindset Coaching for your ideal life. I’m here to share my practises on intentional living and realizing your ideal life.
Much love,

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