Choose how you show up

How do you want to show up today?

Kicking ass and taking names?

Set your phone timer for 5 minutes. When you’re ready start with ‘Today, I want to show up…’ and just write whatever the heck comes up and comes out. It’s okay if you go off on a tangeant. In fact, it’s excellent if you go off on a tangeant. We often make unusual associations to certain feelings and characteristics. Or we associate these with people in our lives or situations who make us feel the opposite.

Once your time is up, look back over what you’re written and pull out the nuggets. For example: ‘I want to be gracious, like my grandma Ruth when client X comes in. He usually sets me off and makes me feel defensive and inferior. I’m going to hold onto that feeling of graciousness as long as I can and come back to it as soon as I realize I’ve strayed. He can’t knock me off my game or make me feel anything I don’t want to feel.’

Spend a few minutes feeling the feeling of graciousness. Write out: Today, I choose to be gracious. I’m kind and accommodating to everyone I meet.
Write that down as many times as you want. Right now. Throughout the day. We are 42% more likely to achieve a goal that we write down rather than just think.

Expand that beyond your encounter with your difficult client. Extend it to everyone you meet.

Chances are you will be out of graciousness more often than you are in it. DO NOT beat yourself up over this. Quite the opposite. CELEBRATE every second you manage to feel and embody graciousness. You will begin to build a positive association with the practice, strengthen your neural pathway to graciousness and start to build it as a habit.

We can’t choose our thoughts but we can certainly choose how we react to them. If you end of feeling quite the opposite of what you want to feel, acknowledge those feelings. Don’t judge them. Feel them with the intention to shift into a feeling that you want. Keep practicing that. You’ll get better at it! Stay committed and soon you’ll be able to shift easily and effortlessly.

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