A lifestyle that supports your goals

In order to get different results in your life you have to do things differently.

I used to think getting up at 5am (or 4.30am) was something I could only do for special occasions. Now I do it on the regular.

My number one reason is to fit in my personal priorities each day:
1. Yoga or exercise
2. Meditation
3. Journaling
4. A rush free morning

When you really want something, you will find a way to make it happen. .
Having enough time to get my personal priorities in before my work day means 9.00-9.30pm bedtime, 5.00am wake up and 4 alarms to keep me from falling back to sleep.

I spent months struggling to get up this early to make time for an early yoga practice or work out. I kept saying to myself ‘I really can’t handle not getting a good night’s sleep.’ ‘It’s so hard for me to get up early in the morning.’ When I was repeating those things to myself, it was all too easy and reasonable to just reset my 5am alarm to 6am.

Once I decided that getting my personal priorities done was non-negotiable and had to happen, I looked for ways to make it easier.
The first place I went was to challenge the story I was telling myself about getting up early. Of course, I do everything I reasonably can to get to bed early so I can get up early. I also starting to replace that thought with ‘I can handle less than my ideal sleep time. I can handle transitioning into an earlier wake up. I can find a way to wake up earlier.’

Guess what. I have!

I also allow myself to take a nap after work if I need it. Or if I need a sleep in day, I decide the night before. I know and trust the signals from my body to make the best decision for me.

Change can be easy if you let it. I really recommend looking at the thoughts and stories you have around why it’s hard and look for ways you can see it differently. You might truly surprise yourself.

PS I’m teaching a 6.45am yoga class at the Fundy Y. If getting active is one of your goals, consider joining me tomorrow. The fall is a great time to start a new routine and you can jumpstart that process in August!

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