I choose

I choose to stay centered.

I choose to have peace.

I choose to show love.

I choose to be calm.

I choose to trust everything is working out for my highest good.

Try this as a mantra, the next time.you feel stressed or overwhelmed by the circumstances you are in.

Really let yourself feel the words to be true. Maybe just a little bit true if you can’t stretch to believe them to be completely true.

Quite often we can feel calm in hectic times simply by choosing to be calm. By refusing to get caught up in the stories about how this situation is bad, or wrong, or too hard to handle, we find that we are resilient enough to handle so much without the stressing chatter in our heads.

It certainly takes practice. For me, repeating statements like the above paired with deep, slow breathing and consciously relaxing the tense areas in the body is the pathway to calm.

Try it out! It may take a little practice to get a hang of it but it’s something worth practicing.

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