Earlier today I was feeling resentful and fearful about something I needed to do. I was caught up in my stories about why it was hard and I shouldn’t have to and why I couldn’t handle it.

I pulled out my journal and I asked ‘How can I see things differently?’.

The intuitive answers I got were:
1) You need to practice putting yourself out there.
2) You need to practice hearing ‘no’.
3) You need to practice owning what you believe in and not letting your validation or worthiness hang on the opinions or thoughts of others.
4) You need to get comfortable doing uncomfortable things and see that you can survive regardless of outcome.
5) You need to practice letting go of drama and stories and resistance.

I had so much more peace.

Doing the things was still had but I could see how it was connected to my why, my purpose.

Everything is a lesson if you are open.

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