Morning rituals

One of my favourite morning rituals is to take my first cup of coffee and sit outside and drink it distraction free. I take anywhere from 5-15 minutes.

I really crave quiet, calm and spaciousness in my day, so this is one that I almost never miss. .

Another one that I have recently added is taking a short walk by the waterfront in the evenings. Often I take the dogs and we go at a slow, moseying pace. I let them stop and sniff as much as they want. I let them say hello and get lovings from whomever they’d like. It’s unhurried.

Again, it’s quiet and calm. It’s unhurried and it gives me a little time for self reflection and contemplation. I’m often filled with gratitude for my community and for my life after one of those walks. .

A third is regular exercise. The heat has been brutal this summer, so this morning I got up at 5am for a 30 minute run. I’m currently committed to 3 workouts a week. This particular week is pretty busy for me, I still want to exercise and meet my commitment.

I love the endorphine rush from exercise. I love to see how my endurance is improving. I can see myself getting stronger. It’s just plain good for you to exercise regularly.

These elements all represent elements I’ve identified as part of my ideal life. I’m building them as habits right now in my life. Even though it can be hard, I’ve committed to making these small changes in my day because they are priorities for me. As time passes, I get closer and closer to living my ideal day all the time.

It’s not easy changing your habits but it’s also hard to live with the same struggles, issues and problems. If you’re happy with the way things are, then do what you’re doing.

If you’re not happy with how things are and you want change – minimal to mindblowing – you need to do something differently.

✴Embrace the discomfort of change. ✴Embrace the irregularity and initial inconsistency of developing a new habit.
✴Let yourself perform your new habit without major attachment to the outcome.
✴Give yourself permission to be new at something, to make mistakes, to fail.
✴Make your commitment to consistency and building the momentum that comes from that consistency.

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