It’s just the weather

You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather. Pema  Chodron .

When you realize that feelings are not facts and you don’t have to believe everything you think you experience mental and emotional liberation. .

When you learn how to use self observation and emotional resilience, you are given the tools to experience massive change and progress in your life. .

Remember that thoughts and feelings, circumstances and situations, people and relationships are ephemeral. They are constantly changing. .

You have the choice to let these things affect you, cripple you, swipe you off your feet. .

Instead choose to stop giving energy to these thoughts. Choose to focus on the big picture. Choose composure over catastrophic. .

Trust that you can see yourself through anything that comes your way. You’re at your best when you’re calm and composed. .

You’re stronger than you think! .

You got this! .

Believe in yourself!

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