Bigger than your Fears – Journaling Practice #2

There are people less qualified than you, doing the things that you want to do, simple because they decided to believe in themselves. Period.
This quote, observation, adage is probably the number one thing that motivates me to get started on a new goal or project. .

There are people out in the world doing what  I want to do, achieving goals I want to achieve, living how I want to live and having the things that I want to have and their products/ methods/knowledge/work ethic, etc is way lower than mine. .

They are living the things I dream about and pray for. A larger part of that is because they decided they were worth it. They were brave enough to face their fears and doubts and insecurities. They were committed to finding a way to make it work. They showed up regardless of how they felt. .

To be honest, the same is true of people who do what I want to do, have what I want to have and achieve what I want to achieve and actually produce excellent work. .

They face their fears. They persist. They show up. They put in the work. They find a way. .

There is no way to do what you’ve never done, have what you’ve never had or live how you want to live without facing fears, doubts, obstacles and challenges. .

Today’s journaling practice is about identifying those fear and doubts that you have. Unless you are really paying attention to your thoughts and observing them, the fears and doubts we have are often poorly defined and amorphous. .

If you don’t know what’s holding you back how can you overcome it? .

For example, ever since I was a child, I loved books  and I wanted to write. But was so afraid of being judged or challenged or ridiculed or rejected. .

It was hard to put my thoughts and ideas out into the world. Even in school assignments.

I always doubted my work. I thought it wasn’t good enough, polished enough, thorough enough. I wanted a bullet proof piece of writing that no one could shatter. .

But the truth is that no matter what I write people will judge, criticize, reject. .

Over time I realized that my fear was more about those people rejecting me. That piece of writing was an extension of my heart, my beliefs, my thoughts, my ideas. .

I got to the point in my life where I understood that what other people thought of me could only bring me down, if I let it. It was more important and easier if I cared more about what I thought. If I was behind myself, if I liked myself, if I trusted myself, if I believed in myself I could withstand any criticism or rejection from anybody.

I have spent days silently repeating to  myself ‘It takes a lot more than Mary Smith’s opinion to ruin my day.’ The more I repeated it, the more I let myself feel that statement to be true, the truer it became and the easier to believe. .
Of course, I still run into this fear on different things. Rejection from some people is harder to take than others. But it has been so liberating to name that fear and declare it not to be true for me. Now I can do that with any fear and work my way through.

I realized that there was nothing in this world, aside from death, that could take me down without my permission.
Actions Steps
✴Spend more time writing in your journal today about your goal, about what you want to achieve. This time record those fears and doubts.
✴Actually name them and follow them through.
Example: I can’t publish my thoughts and ideas because my friend is going to question
me about it. I can’t handle rejection or criticism from that friend. It will make me question myself. How can I pursue something if my friends don’t even support me? What if I lose the friendship?

The follow-through: Are there other people in this world who have faced the same thing and succeeded in spite of it? Why can’t that be true for me?
I can publish what I want and not let others’ rejection ruffle my feathers. I can live through it. I can get stronger.

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