Breath control

Don’t kill my vibe!

How easily are your thrown off your game? .
Honestly, I think it’s a disgusting feeling.

I hate it when something happens to upset me and instead of rolling with the punches, I lose my composure.

I can think of a few times in the past few years where I was in a tense situation and things were not going my way.

I’d get mad.

Or stressed.

Or incredibly anxious. .
I’d even lose sleep and I’m the queen of sleep. I can sleep anytime, any place.

One of the strategies I’ve used is called box breath (from Mark Divine). I found this one effective when I had to deal with people in a difficult situation.

Inhale to a count of four.

Hold your breath to a count of four.

Exhale to a count of four.

Hold your breath to a count of four.

Incredibly effective in calming you down and helping you to stay neutral. You can do it anywhere, for as long as you like!

The second strategy is to ask ‘How can I see this differently?’ (from Gabby Bernstein) This is really helpful when I know I am heading into something stressful or I get bad news and I’m on my own.

Usually I realize I am blowing the situation way out of proportion or I am way to attached to things going the way I expect.

Asking how to see things different helps me to take a step back from the situation, consider other possible perspectives and helps me to chill out.

I can usually come up with something that helps me to calm down and stay focused, rather than losing it. That’s how I want to show up in life.

I’ve realized that there are so many situations that send me into a tailspin unnecessarily.
I DO have the strength, composure and resiliency to ride out the waves.

It took me a while until I could use it regularly. I still fall victim to my own fears and anxieties from time to time. Ultimately, it’s a practice. That’s life. Ebb and flow. I can always come back to it.

Knowing I’ve got my own back in a tough situation is so reassuring. Life is so much easier to navigate with confidence in myself.

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