Tuning In

Learning to hear your inner voice, your inner guidance, your body can seem like a strange thing. You may have no idea how to do it. That was definitely me for a long time.

I couldn’t get past the chatter in my mind to access my own inner guidance.

I came across these questions in a Cheryl Richardson book (I don’t remember which but I recommend everything she writes).

Taking the time to sit down and write out responses to these questions earnestly has helped me to interrupt unwanted behaviours.

Like binge eating/emotional eating/mindless snacking.

Like helping me calm down after a busy, stressful day and let go of a harried mindset.

Like knowing how to care for myself and bring me into a better emotional and mental place when I’m feeling overwhelmed and heartbroken.

I often prefer to write in my journal but I also keep an Evernote note with these questions in it so I can journal about them anywhere I go.

1. What am I feeling right now?

2. What sensations do I notice in my body?

3. What images come into view?

4. What are these images or feelings trying to tell me about myself? .
5. Is there something I need or want? If so, what is it?

It might take a little while to really tap into your heart to answer these questions. Just have patience with yourself. Anything new takes a little time.

1. Anxious. Unstable.  Flighty. Hungry. Nervous- a bundle of nerves

2. Hunger. Tightness in my chest. Shallow breathing. Tense hips, legs, lower abdomen, hunched forward. Tense jaw.

3. Darkness. Being nervous at my yoga class. Tension – like hard glass ready to shatter.

4. I will shatter under all this tension. I am delicate and breakable in this state. I am reducing myself just with my mind.

5. A quiet night with soft light,  luxurious pillows,  snacks foods,  quiet conversation and tenderness with Keith. No where to go. Nobody to be. Nothing to do. 
Wide open spaces where I can spread my wings and breathe deep and easy. Let go of my inhibitions and just be calm,  peaceful and untethered. .
Deep, slow, peaceful breaths. Meditation.

By following these questions I am often given concrete steps or actions I can take to take better care of myself. It gets easier to name emotions and sensations and accept them and shift into feeling better.

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