I was afraid to take an extended break from my Thursday night yoga class.

I was afraid that I would lose my students and have to start from scratch again.

I was afraid that they would be disappointed and upset without classes for two months.

I was afraid that I’d lose my edge with teaching and that getting back into it in the fall would be hard.

I knew I needed the break. I needed more evenings to be able to just come home and relax.

I tend to put a lot on my plate so I end up getting worn out and burnt out and overwhelmed.

Yoga has been such an incredible act of self care for me over the years.

It’s not summer all the time. Nothing blooms all year. We all need an energetic winter. .
Yoga has taught me to listen to my intuition and the guidance it gives me on these matters. .
It was definitely telling me I needed a break.

I’m having an incredible summer! This is one of the best I’ve had in a long time.

The structure and flow of my life has really shifted into a pace I’d much rather have.

I have more time to dream about where I want my yoga classes to go, what other things I want to offer and how I want to show up as a teacher.

A few years ago I decided that I didn’t want to make decisions about my life based on fear. I have definitely learned that I am happier, more content and creative when I listen to the promptings of my intuition, especially about self-care.

A few months ago, I was describing myself as harried. .
Through all this R&R and dedicated time to connect with myself, I feel human again. I feel intentional and empowered. It’s easier to feel gratitude and appreciation. I can handle the hard days and situations so much better.

Dedicated and regular self care has made a word of difference for me. It wasn’t the easiest path to follow. I had a lot of guilt around it and I also felt it meant I was weak or needy.

Now, it’s essential to my mental and emotional well being. It helps me to weather life’s storms more smoothly. I feel creative and balanced and ready to take on new challenges.

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