I believe in the reframe.
I believe in listening to my heart and soul.
I believe in pursuing my passions.
I believe in letting go of struggle.
I believe I have everything inside of me to achieve the life that I want.
I believe that the desires of my heart are mine to achieve.

I believe the same for you.


I write.

I meditate.

I study and teach yoga.

I practice mindfulness.

I hike.

I camp.

I inspire.

I canoe.

I read.

I coach.


Nicole Oliver is a yoga and mindfulness teacher. A lifelong reader, she turned to journaling when she was about 12 years old, to record and process her life. It became her primary method of dealing with depression as a teenager and young woman. She would console her aching heart and coach herself through the tough days.

Through teaching yoga she realized she had a gift for guiding and teaching others. She saw her ability to cut through limiting beliefs and offer inspiring and empowering alternatives was unique and desperately needed by those around her.

Her soul work is to support, guide and enable others into lives, bodies, schedules, incomes, jobs, homes, wardrobes and relationships that they love. IMG_20180808_131617_971