I believe in the reframe.
I believe in listening to my heart and soul.
I believe in pursuing my passions.
I believe in letting go of struggle.
I believe I have everything inside of me to achieve the life that I want.
I believe that the desires of my heart are mine to achieve.

I believe the same for you.


I write.

I meditate.

I study and teach yoga.

I practice mindfulness.

I hike.

I camp.

I inspire.

I canoe.

I read.


I am a yoga and mindfulness teacher. I went to my first yoga class in 2003 and knew I wanted to teach one day. I completed my yoga teacher in 2016 and have been teaching ever since. I love the intentional movement in yoga. The practice connects me with my inner self and is like mental and physical oasis in my life.

The style of yoga I have spent the most time practicing is called Kripalu. It translates to compassion. Through my classes I encourage my students to show compassion to their own bodies and accept their range of motion without judgement. Kripalu is characterized by a lengthy warm up, longer posture holds and uses ‘press points’ which are specific cues that aid you in practicing postures to suit your unique body.

My classes are slower paced, quiet and introspective. I love to use props as a tool to perform postures properly. I finish with a lengthy relaxation.

For me, yoga is a mindful practice in which I ground into my body. However, I use mindfulness in my every day life. Mindfulness is paying focused attention to the present moment without judgement. As Jon Kabat-Zinn says “The best way to capture moments is to pay attention. This is how we cultivate mindfulness.” The every day, ordinary moments of our lives hold beauty, meaning, peace and love if we are willing to pay attention. Our world, our experience is shaped by our perspective.

I teach mindfulness and yoga because of all the benefits I have received in my life – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I want to share that with others.